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art project "touch - don't touch"

This art project was about communicating through art too and exploring rules of art world.

I made ceramic sculptures,put them in glass boxes, filled with different amount of colloured waterand sealed them. Besided some boxes I put paper cards as in museums: "Please, don't touch it" and besided some "Please touch it".

I was dragging sculpture boxes, making some compositions or just leaving them in different spaces while still placing contradicting instructions cards "please move it" and ''Plese, don't move it''. "Please touch it" and "Please, don't touch it".

The result was that hardly somebody tried to move them. Public were all professional artists and art students. Somebody said: if I will move and accidently will break it I'll need to pay a lot of money for it". Even I didn't mind somebody breaking the sculpture ... no matter how many contadicting messages I've placed, how crazy compositions I've made, sculptures made from clay and glass scared the hell out of people. Plus some sculptures people were hardly able to move because of amount of water.


Additional thing I've found quite interesting how my sculpture boxes were aging. Though the time water condensation in boxes made them foggy and sculptures inside started slowly to "disappear". Sculptures through the wall of water bubbles so different. You could affect aging of sculptures  too..  by tilting them, turning them or just drawing on the glass with your fingers


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