game "art as a better communication"

My art project was based on a game concept.  I explored how art objects communicate with viewers.

Idea came from the domino game. Duality of domino tiles  "were translated" in double sided sculptures enclosed in metal framed boxes.

A viewer could rearrange and transform sculptures as he desired. He could turn sculptures, could screw plates on sculptures, could match faces or images on sculptures. These were just some possibilities of many. They could move boxes themselves, put each on each other, could make their own matching or not matching compositions. I presented my own version of this game.

Real game always has strict roles and my art project had no rules but millions of possibilities. Each time I made a different version of my game by dragging sculptures and impulsively building  one of possibilities I saw in my mind.

These art performances took place in art 

Each time the performance was unique , made under different music and took place in different spaces from holoways, staircases of Art Academy to spacious sterile museum space.

Each time I responded to mixed people reactions just by building a new possibility.

My conclusion was that people still like just to observe sculptures from a "safe" distance and try to quess artist intentions. They still accept any art project as a finished untouchable project unless you specifically give them written or verbal instructions.

Meanwhile, kids were quite keen to  add their own touch and move the sculptures around.