mid term pottery and clay workshop

i had  the pleasure to participate in The Big Draw festival Epsom.on October 5th with my clay workshop.

now I would like to invite you and your children to my mid term pottery and clay workshop at my art studio in West Ewell.

10am -12pm 2pm -4pm . However, time can be flexible from October 21 to 29 ( excludes 26 and 27)

you can learn how to throw on pottery wheel as well as have fun with some sculpting and experiment with different clays and slips.

on a break you will be provided with fresh snacks and drinks.

Your work will be fired in ceramic kiln afterwards and given back to you.

I am proffessional artist ( studied and exhibited in Lithuania, Notway and England) so will be happy to assist you if you would need any quidance.

Looking forward hearing from you.

Please don't hessitate to write /call me with any question.

I will be happy to answer them and do my best.

Price is £20 for two hours. Please find my course attachement below.

Dive in your creativity puddle!

please see the demonstration


Join me in experiencing the clay.  There are many inspirational pottery videos on youtube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpnDuuyfvhA

 clay  is very versatile material.  It can be liquified , it can stick to your hands, it can harden like  a stone . 


You can build pots, cups plates, fairy gardens, lights, bricks, robots  and other sculptures . you can combine with other materials.


It takes imagination and practice  and you can uncover the full your's and clay's potencial.


Also pottery is very calming process that cannot be rushed. so embrass the process!