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From 4th December to 16th December I invite you to come to my studio and make a personal Christmas goblet with my help.

create a memory , give to someone a present from your heart.

Choose your goblet shape , decorate, paint, adjust in any way you want  with my help.

in the end you will have a drinkable foodsafe goblet.

if you don't like the result, you don't need to pay or can book a free lesson in a future.

step off your confort zone and do something really personal.

£50 per person for goblet making course

That includes two sessions. Each of them are from  1 to up 2 hours. That depends on personality.

Sessions should be 7 days apart.

Two firings. ( one raw clay, second with glazes)

First session- you choose your goblet design from available designs, construct,  modify, decorate and engrave

Artist fires your work in  7 days period,

Second session- you glaze  the goblet

Please book the dates ahead.

Address : 8 Gadesden Road,

West Ewell,

KT19 9LB

my contacts

Asta 07768096961

all tools and equipment are provided at the studio

i am looking forward meeting you.

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