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about me



My focus is sculpture . I enjoy working on unique projects in my studio.

From 2011 I live in West Ewell with my family. I've built my art studio where i give art and clay workshops for art lovers and also work myself.

I am Surrey sculpture society member(SSS). I participate in exhibitions and public events like Big Draw festival, MGSO4 Epsom & Arts Festival, Wimbledn art market. I am on Etsy too.
I do live events and parties like face painting. You can book me.
I do commissions -  miniatures from super-sculpey and big realistic ceramic busts. I have my large paintings at home too.

Pl. approach me because not all images are put online.

I do and teach casting too.

My background is ceramics (BA from Lithuania), MA in Arts (Norway).  If i am not able to do ceramic , then I sketch , illustrate and paint as i believe in practicing your craft and art.

My approach to clients is personal. I try to understand their vision and wishes that they will be happy with the results..


Indoor sculpture -figurines

I make unique figurines mostly from supersculpey. They have a nice ceramic feel finish and are sustainable in low firing temperatures. Other options are- clay, stoneware, plaster or porcelain. I do commissions too .


outdoor sculpture requires a different approach .

I am interested in memorial sculptures and experiment with jesmonite which can withstand weather conditions such as rain, sun and snow.

I make moulds and do cold casting. I research how sculpture can age gratefully through time and get  even more exciting.


My aim


Sculpture should not become a dull uninteresting accent of an interior or an exterior but it should become more  engaging in new different ways that you didn't noticed before. An artist need to put something in his artwork that always keeps people wondering.

An art object itself need to say say more than you see.


why i do sculptures

my sculptures are born from a sudden impulse


Story behind the business

long ago my parents  and art teachers said i am special  and i want to do some good with my art. i dread the business part of it but the conventional work limits me and art frees me and i hope my free art would connect with other people


Big sculptures

Big sculptures require much more time. They can be made from stoneware clay  and fired in high temperatures or they can be cold casted in plaster, jesmonite with various stone, metallic and coloured finishes.

I can make a sculpture for bronze casting. That involves later passing the sculpture to a professional bronze casting technician.






why sculptures?


Three dimensional objects tells a story themselves that no photo camera, no video recorder can record and reflect in a exactly the same way. It is an intrusion in your space that you cannot ignore. It shapes a space around you and you can love it or want to demolish it.  You can be inside or outside that artificial space.


Sculpture doesn't let us to become lazy. It  makes us to walk around.

You stop and you make your conclusion about sculpture. Then you take a few steps and from different angle you will see differently and you will have a different conclusion and so on. This is a communication where you don't need art critics to say what is good art or bad. You decide for yourself.


Art as an object is very important. You make an object and put it in a strange alien space and it communicates with you. The object you see, the environment you are in and you yourself, as an  individual with your memories , experiences , knowledge and your cultural background, creates a chain of impressions that helps you to perceive an artwork in a certain way.


The same art object in a different environment affects you in a different way.

The same object at a different point of your lifetime  can connect with you on a deeper level or can become meaningless and dull.


It is important for an artist to make objects on impulse... Of course, not ignoring a technical knowledge.

Art objects plays the different tricks on different people mind.  Nobody can exactly define art in words and nobody can put a "right price" on art.


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