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I  facepaint for parties.
if you want facepaint based on paticular theme, just let me know.

Please see more on my Facebook  September 17 and 18 Wimbledon art market

Please contact me or 07768096961 Asta to discuss this

I charge £40 for two hours and i bring all my equipment.

  Extras to consider:

if you want  a unique one- off party, let me know what your child is into.

I've organized birthday parties. In a past i created a fairy town with a magic well. Children tried to get "magic" water with a bucket from the well and got some presents( because i hid myself at the bottom of the well.

I've  organized a jungle party with hidden doors in palm trees. children got door keys and door card . then they need to find the correct door to match the keys.


I've made a scary spider party with a task to collect spider eggs with spider babies inside and more. thatsis was a quest from a huge  and giant Mother spider.

There is always a small story or a taskin each of these birthday party stories.

AlthoughI am ceramic artist, I made sculptures and things from cupboard boxes that childrencan use, touch , wear, or climb in them or beat them or even destroy them


For example, i've built many pinatas, robot suits (ironmen, spidermen, swords and shields ). Later , you can discard them, damage them. It does matter. However, some weapons my son use til now :)

Please look for some images on my blog here or
request more photos from me.


Many children like Roblox and Minecraft  now and this can be transformed  from his computer to real 3D world. F.ex  Running many roblox characters for a quest .

As the time go , childrens and even adults interests change , so what can be more more cool then have a personalized parties , where many pictures can be taken to fix these memories.

extra mini personalized gifts:

it can be a miniature on a cake or can be a roblox character , that you child currently is playing ,  delivered as a key chain, necklace or just minitiure on his shelf as a unique memory of his interest now.


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