• Asta Kalpkaite Golias

night creations

I have always loved nights. I kept wondering why people sleep at night when the whole magic happen in front our eyes.

Everything is vanishing in darkness and then ... just stars shines at you. So far away, so mysterious and so untouchable. And suddenly you realise that it is you who is so small..The smallest dust and the smallest particle in the universe is standing and observing the world which is so huge, so enormous and so beautiful. This is such a gift that is given to you. Your imagination springs and tries to embrace the world. So much freedom! So much space! That’s a reason we should be grateful for this world that we live in.

Just imagine for a minute that we don't have an endless sky, just a high ceiling above us. You take a longest ladder and you climb it until you reach the ceiling and then you can climb back down.. It is limited. Then you really would feel your pathetic existence. Like a fly in a glass jar that you have caught on a hot summer day. There is no way where it can to escape . The fly just circle round and round until she dies.

So lets be grateful for those nights. Lets sleep outside .. Under stars

When i walk in different strange cities, the night always brings magic. It dissolves all objects in darkness that existed in a daylight and leaves just silhouettes for your imagination to build your own world -more exciting, with any creatures you can imagine.

At night you don't see the ground , don't need to see litter boxes. The ground is dark as the sky itself so there is no difference between the sky and ground . I can fly with my thoughts. I can observe a night life from the sky. From the eagle flight i can see people going back to their houses. Switching on lights, undressing , switching off lights and going to sleep. I can see late tired travellers in the trains rushing somewhere to some destination. They minds are tired, empty and relaxed.

The night lets my eyes to relax. I don't need to notice the pavements and asfalts with all cracks in it. I don't need to see the advertisements, broken glass vitrines and people dressed in different colours.

I don't see details. It's I who build the details and transform any silhouette I find interesting at night.

The trees at night become alive. Some are sad , some are proud and some are scary creatures. When the gentle wind blows, they whine, cry, complain, suspiciously giggle and dance in night harmony.

No human noises.

Then in early morning gentle mist comes when people still sleep and stays for a while. It's nature enjoying its own stillness and harmony. No rushing.

The mornings are always funny because the smallest creatures- birds wake up and start announcing the day. First it is just one sleepy shy voice. Another sleepy head answers and soon... they all start chattering and screaming one over another. I imagine them like big families waking up and rushing to work. Children misbehaving, mother trying to give orders and fathers complaining - come on come on, i’ll be late to work. It's a morning rush. wake up and start their routine life.

Then I want to go to sleep.

The shiny Sun is not so interesting to me as the Moon with its mountains. The Sun is too bright and too selfish. I cannot look at her but the Moon I can enjoy. He is calm and mysterious. Every night he is different.

When i was a kid i had a dream to see not so sharp and wear glasses. It was magical for me how some people cannot see things that we ordinary people can see. My dream came true. During one year in a six grade i managed to make my eye sight so bad that glasses were immediately prescribed.

I have read so many books in my bed under duvet with a torch. Maybe that's a reason.

Now when i am adult i do not enjoy having such dream in my past.

However, I still remember walking with my bad eyes and seeing interesting things. In the forest i saw an exciting horse head but when i came closer it became just a rusty bucket left by someone. Putting glasses on and off for a while was like being in two alternative worlds.

Another dream i had was to have as many scars as possible on my body. It's like written history of your life on your body. Most of scars i got by falling from grandfather's bicycle. It was "Ukraine"- men’s bike and so huge, so heavy, like a tractor. Grandfather was proud of it.

So scars made me unique. They stayed like written memories on my knees, on my elbows and my chin and ears... They caused me some pain but i remember the story of every single one. They marked my progress from childhood to now. My mother used to call me a war hero :).

The most stupid scar is on my right foot. A metal piece from old fashion ski cut through my shoe and stuck inside my foot between the bones. It took teachers and nurse quite a while to take that shoe off. I probably should mention that i was in the first grade seven years old and in a gym class. The goal was to do country skiing a few kilometres and I was skiing with my ski stuck in my foot most of the time in order to reach the finish line. Now i can declare that it just showed child stupidity and stubbornness. But then i was a child..

Now i put creams on my scars to reduce the scars because a woman with scars is not beautiful in our days :)

We people make so much noise that we cannot hear and notice things.

Sculpture is being with myself in stillness and noticing everything.


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