• Asta Kalpkaite Golias

My first blog and doubts

Staring at DvD "Neverending story" lying on my table, listening my children intensively discussing soap bubbles in a kitchen and writing my first ever blog in english. Where is my manual :)?

I’ve decided to write my blog in attempt to promote myself as a sculptor and to share what I know, think and feel about sculpture. Also I've just registered on bunch of websites Google plus, Twitter in hope that I will be found and will get more commissions. However, more than writing I would enjoy now waving my arms in air high on the mountain...

A short break… I've just saved a pony castle from collapsing and cleaned artworks of my two years old son from the window. Where i was? Yes... sculpture and waving arms in the air.

My loft is stuffed with sculptures. They are gathering dust and sinking into the past. I don't care about them anymore. I make new ones.

I do sculptures because I cannot otherwise. I'm disgusted how cheesy that sounds. I've tried to give up. When I went to galleries and they said - "that's nice but...". It is always no. Then you feel like a beggar and want to give up. Then suddenly somebody finds your sculpture in a garbage container and asks you to make one for him. It gives you a hope… again.

It's not enough to make a living because in this world everyone is artist. Finally, I've understood it's ok if I’m not managing to make a living from sculpture. I can earn money different ways and that gives me freedom to do exactly what my inner artist want to do. Hurray! Being true to yourself is important and this we should show not by words but in action.

This is just an introduction to my world. Other my posts will be more direct and more practical about sculpture.


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